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Thruster Installation

Ever felt helpless at the docks or boat ramp drifting away with no control? Ever pulled up to the pumps and had to try multiple times? With the ever growing size of v-drive boats, these problems are becoming more common. Don't worry, we have the solution that will leave you in control of your boat at all times. An Ez Thruster can be fitted to any make, model or year.

   With 20 years of critical electrical knowledge and skills, we understand the HIGH demand these systems can put on the existing electrical system. Don't be fooled by anyone that thinks this is comparable to a basic amp installation with small gauge wire. We have even gone as far as to design a system that can completely isolate the thruster system so the factory ECU will never be exposed to a heavy current draw - low voltage scenario and thus eliminating the chance for a cascading protection event.


Any and ALL Electronics

When it comes to electronics, no job is too big or too small. We use all of the best brands in the business to bring your experience to the cutting edge. With brands like Wet Sounds, Hertz, Kicker, Fusion and Audison we can tailor a system to your likings and budget. 

   Sure, anyone can slap some amps and speakers in and crank it up to be loud. But if you're wanting to be NEXT level, we have the extensive equipment and knowledge needed to bring HiFi to the boat environment. Utilizing a 5-mic array and proprietary software in conjunction with a DSP, we can make your boat audio system absolutely amazing, not just loud.


Trailer Enhancements

Bunk carpet deteriorate? Wood rotted? Let's fix it and spruce it up with underwater lighting to help you get loaded up after those late night sessions!


Metal Fabrication

Got a little rash from a prop strike? We got you! Got a bent or damaged frame rail? We're equipped with a Plasma cutter, Mig welder and Tig welder to get you fixed up and back to the lake enjoying the water!

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